Y9/8/7 Rugby Match vs Forres Sandle Manor School – 14th January

Match Report

FSM started strongly and had 3 very strong players who dominated much of their possession and we struggled to get any quality ball. It took Moyles Court a while to gel together and during this period FSM took a 17 point lead.

However, as we began to gain more possession, Josh made a fine individual run that lead to a penalty try being awarded as a result of a high tackle, just before he crossed the try line. Also Toby had a fine run down the wing before passing to Elliott who crossed the line for another try for us. FSM though, followed up with another 2 tries of their own before half-time.

The second half was more equally contested with both teams scoring 2 tries. The final score ended up 31-22 in favour of FSM.

Man-of-the-Match: Josh