Y4/3 6-a-side Football Tournament at Bournemouth Collegiate School – 23rd September

Match Reports

This was the first football tournament that this team had ever taken part in, so the team were in high spirits and positive going into each match.

Match 1 – Moyles Court vs. Park School A Team

Moyles Court withstood early pressure but ultimately succumbed to the multitude of chances that Park School created and let in a goal that was attempted from distance. Moyles Court struggled to create chances of their own, but did threaten to cause trouble on the counter. Unfortunately, Park managed to score a further two goals to bring the final score to 3-0 to Park.

Man-of-the-Match: Finley

Match 2 – Moyles Court vs. Ballard

The match started off as an even contest and Moyles Court attempted to get the ball further up the field. There was some strong defending from Oliver, who defended magnificently and stood up to the Ballard team, despite the height and age disadvantage. Ballard were able to score from close range and did so again very soon afterwards. There were several small passages of good play from Moyles Court and the team were beginning to gel together, although they still struggled to create chances. Final score: Moyles Court 0 – Ballard 3.

Man-of-the-Match: Oliver

Match 3 – Moyles Court vs. Castle Court

Moyles Court started off the match in confidence and aimed to pass and move the ball forward in an attempt to score that much needed first goal. They had grown in confidence throughout the tournament and were starting to bond as a unit. Castle Court were able to soak up pressure from Moyles Court and hit them on the counter attack to score the first goal of the game. As Moyles Court pressed forward, Castle Court were able to score and soak up pressure from Moyles Court and hit them on the counter attack to score the first goal of the game. As Moyles Court pressed forward, Castle Court were able to score several goals in quick succession, partly thanks to some lacklustre defending from Moyles Court and from goal kicks that ended up directly in the feet of the opposition. Final score: Moyles Court 0 – Castle Court 5.

Man-of-the-Match: Evan

Match 4: Moyles Court vs. BCS C Team

Moyles Court were eliminated from the group stages of the tournament and were now due to compete for the Plate against BCS C Team. Moyles Court went into this match positively and with a game plan of being more aggressive, quicker and tougher to beat than previously. The plan worked and immediately Adam and Abdul were quick in the tackle and forced BCS back to the edge of their own box. BCS struggled to create chances as Moyles Court piled on the pressure. Some excellent play from Tommy and Finley ended up with the ball landing at Adam’s feet just inside their box. He fired the ball into the back of the net to score Moyles Court’s first goal of the tournament and suddenly there was new life in the team. Moyles Court had a free kick to the right of the BCS penalty area, which Tommy took. The ball ricocheted in box and ended up in the back of the net thanks to a deflection from a BCS defender. Final score: Moyles Court 2 – BCS 0.

Man-of-the-Match: Adam

Match 5: Moyles Court vs. Forres Sandle Manor

Moyles Court were now in the Plate Semi-Finals and appeared to be much more confident than previously. However, the experienced Forres team were able to force Moyles Court into making uncharacteristic and basic errors which gifted them a 2-0 lead in a matter of minutes. The Moyles Court defence and midfield were not as quick or aggressive as in the previous game and they struggled to stop the Forres attacks. In terms of attacking, Moyles Court fashioned several chances of their own and had come a long way in this regard compared to the start of the tournament. Unfortunately, FSM’s experience and determination proved to be the decider as they emerged victorious in a 4-0 victory.

Man-of-the-Match: Adam