Y3/4 Rugby Match vs Ballard School – 3rd December

This was an evenly contested game with both teams sharing equal possession for most of the game. The first half saw both teams score tries with a couple of players on each side running through the opposition without being tackled, this took us into half-time with a score of 7-5 in Ballard’s favour. At half-time it was agreed to condition the game to encourage the players to pass the ball at least 3 times before scoring a try.

The second half, as a consequence, was far more entertaining with a lot of good support play and passing being played by both teams. However, a couple of ball handling mistakes by Moyles Court enabled Ballard to eventually end up winning by 13 – 8. Our tries were scored by Harrison 1, Oliver 3 and Jack 4.

A special mention should go in particular to both Oliver and Jack, who both were the main players in all our attacking moves and made many of our defensive tackles.

Men-of-the-Match: Jack and Oliver