Under 11 Netball vs Leehurst Swan

Match Report

On the day, our squad of 10 was reduced to 7, with reserves required to play. Consequently it took Moyles Court a while to settle into a different team arrangement, thus allowing Leehurst to pull ahead early into a 6-1 lead.

Moyles Court however, began to realise what was required of them and started to play with more confidence and determination. This, along with better footwork skills than the opposition, enabled them to score 1-0 in the next quarter.

In the second half, the score was close, 1-2 to Leehurst. So although the overall score was 8-3 to the opposition this did not reflect the improvement by Moyles Court as the game went on.  Well done girls, excellent performance from you all.

Final Score: Moyles Court – 3   Leehurst – 8

Player of the Match: Amelie, for good defending in her first ever match!