U9 Rounders team win vs Forres Sandle Manor

The younger girls’ first match of the season was against Forres Sandle Manor. Moyles Court won the toss and chose to bat first. We started well with an early rounder scored. Our batting looked potentially strong and at the end of the first innings had scored 6 ½. FSM went into bat but could only reply with 3 ½ rounders.

In our second innings several of the Moyles Court team were batting really well so, despite FSM improving their fielding, we still scored well.

Our fielding certainly improved in the second innings as we were beginning to realise the importance of stumping a base quickly in order to get players out! One of our players even secured 2 catches – getting 2 players out.

A great first match with the girls improving throughout! A deserved 13-9 ½ win.

FSM. –  9 ½  rounders             Moyles Court –  13 rounders