U11 Rounders vs The Park School – 20th May

Match Report

As The Park School arrived early, we had plenty of time, so played to get the whole team.

Moyles Court batted first and scored 18 rounders in 25 minutess and The Park only got 4 of our team out. Our aim then was to work hard to get players out to keep the score low.  We achieved this by getting their whole team out, within the time, for their score of only 7.5 rounders.

We had time left to have a short 2nd innings of 18 balls each team. This brought the final score to 23.5 to 12 to Moyles Court.

Both sides used this game as a coaching match, to give advice during play so hopefully our team learnt from the experience. However, they still did well to win by such a large score and to succeed in getting so many players out.

 Players of the Match:    Tatum – for backing up players, stopping the ball and making quick decisions and strong batting and Chloe for effort in backing up.

Final Score:  Park School – 12 rounders    Moyles Court –  23.5 rounders