Under 11 Netball vs Sopley School – 11th February


The Sopley team were taller and included 2 boys who were very quick and read the game well – intercepting lots of our passes.  At half time, neither team had been shooting well so the score was 3-0 to Moyles Court.

Realising the need to adapt our play, Moyles Court began to sharpen up the passes to be quicker to avoid the boy’s interceptions. Also our shooting improved so the final score was 9 – 1 to Moyles Court. The girls played well as a team even showing some good tactics that they had been practising in training.


The 2nd game was a mix of Sopley and Moyles Court on each side. This resulted in a very friendly game where the two schools mixed well together calling each other by name as they gelled in their teams.  A good experience for all.

Final Score         

A-Team:  Moyles Court – 9    Sopley -1

B-Team:  Red – 3  Black – 7

Players of the Match:  A-Team  –  Star and Lola               B-Team  –  Chloe