Under 11 Hockey vs Sopley School

Match Report

As Sopley had not played a hockey match before and as the Moyles Court team were considerably younger – the fixture was a training match.  After warming up with skills and tactics the girls all began to improve. It was good to have Moyles Court partnering Sopley girls.

When the match started, Moyles Court instantly moved into attack and scored the first goal within 20 seconds leaving Sopleystill standing in their start positions!  With coaching and encouragement the game progressed well with both teams improving.  Sopley certainly developed and two of their players played especially well.  Moyles Court showed skill, speed and versatility and won by 8 goals to 1.

Although Moyles Court won easily, both teams learnt from the session and enjoyed the afternoon.

Final Score: Moyles Court – 8   Sopley –  1

Player of the Match:  Margaux