The shines for our Family Fun Day!

What a fabulous fun filled ‘Family Fun Day’ we enjoyed on Saturday. The sun came out and competition was fierce as the Houses battled it out as they tackled, bounced, stuck, popped, and planked, just to name a few of the activities!


Mr Milner-Smith comments: “It was wonderful to hold this event again this year and to see so many families take part with such tremendous team spirit. Huge thanks as always to those people who made the event happen and to all the helpers and participants – your support and generous donations are always greatly appreciated.”


The staff team did themselves proud and won the football tournament.  The winning team incuded Mrs Ullah , Mr Barbur, Mr Crist, Mr Colston, Mr Milner-Smith and Mr Hosking in goal. The Dad’s team also displayed some incredible talent and they are already looking forward to a re-match next year!?  The Old Boys team were also fiercely competitive against their former teachers and Mr Milner-Smith added, “It is lovely to welcome back past pupils and  with many of them now off to University, it’s a great way to catch up and keep in touch. They certainly seemed to enjoy the opportunity to try and beat us!”


Mr Mawer is delighted to announce the final results: 1st – Dockens, 2nd – Linford and 3rd Latchmore. Congratulations Dockens!

Football Tournament results:

Dads vs Staff: 1-2

Dad’s vs Boys: 5-3

Staff vs Boys: 3-1

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