Moyles Court School students celebrating further academic success!

Moyles Court is celebrating another year of wonderful academic achievement. The 2018 GCSE results continue to show the significant improvements being made at the school in recent years with another stunning set of GCSE results.

Over 90% of pupils gained 5 or more GCSE’s at Grade 4 and above (A*-C), with 91% of all grades being above Grade 4 (compared to the national figure of 66.9%). On average each pupil achieved over a grade more than they would normally be expected to achieve.

Headmaster, Richard Milner-Smith is delighted with the results and recognises it has been a challenging time for teachers across the country.

“For a non-selective school such as ourselves, these are fantastic results. I am thrilled for our Year 11 students who have worked so very hard to achieve these wonderful results. They have been brilliantly supported by all the staff at our school, who also deserve enormous credit. It has not been easy with the introduction of the new challenging GCSE specifications, but our teaching staff have been outstanding in their commitment to the children and ensuring that they not only fulfil their potential, but are carefully supported during the process. Young people are put under a huge amount of pressure in today’s world, but we know that by creating a happy, caring environment they will perform well and, importantly, will enjoy doing so.”

“Our small class sizes, a dedicated staff, and not to mention our glorious location, all help to create a fantastic learning environment for our pupils. It has been another wonderful year for the school and we look forward to building on this success over the next few years,” said Richard Milner-Smith. “The school has experienced significant recent growth, with numbers now reaching a ten year high. Considerable investment in the infrastructure and facilities of the school, alongside a commitment to raise academic standards has seen outstanding results achieved in recent years. It is a hugely exciting time at Moyles Court!”