Moyles Court School remembers WW1 Christmas Truce through football

Students past and present from Moyles Court School, Ringwood held a football match on Thursday 4th December to mark the centenary of the games that took place during the World War 1 Christmas Truce – in a project backed by Prince William.

The match is part of the Football Remembers project from the British Council, The FA, the Football League and the Premier League – which will see every level of football mark the anniversary in a week of commemoration between 6 – 14 December.

The students were divided into two teams – the British and the Germans. They exchanged gifts of chocolate bars, played a football match and finished with a rendition of ‘Silent Night’ in German and English.

Football Remembers after match shot Fottball Remembers game Football Rembers team photo

Richard Milner-Smith, Headmaster said: ​”The whole school, led by our fabulous History Club, have been reflecting on this amazing event that took place 100 years ago. It is a powerful story of hope and peace and an important one for our children to understand. Events such as this help to humanise the horrific stories from the First World War and ensure that those who made the ultimate sacrifice are not forgotten.”