Moyles Court celebrates European Languages Day

Junior Assembly became a colourful, multilingual ‘show and tell’ this morning, to offer parents an opportunity to see the fun our pupils have whilst learning new languages. Year 7’s hosted the show and Year 6 kicked it off with an entire mini-play in Spanish. Pupils demonstrated great teamwork as they performed their songs in a variety of languages.

Early Years language learning is all about having fun, but many of the children along the way discover intercultural awareness, understand the importance of communication and toleration of differences. MFL lessons can often lead to greater understanding of your own mother tongue. All the children were fantastic at getting up in front of an audience to perform in another language and the very cute escargots in Reception were a wonderful finalé.

We are lucky to have a language curriculum at Moyles Court starting as young as this. Merci & gracias to all the parents who were able to attend and to Mr Legg, Mrs Cheal, Mr Barbur, Mrs Stephens & Mrs Pragnell