Moyles Court celebrates a Victorian Family Christmas

#History Club (Seniors) and the Horrible History Club (Juniors) combined forces to produce ‘A Victorian Family Christmas’. With the clock turned back to 1880, guests were welcomed to Moyles Court by the Butler (Jay) and the Housekeeper (Georgia).  Mr. and Mrs. Milner-Smith played the part of the Victorian residents of Moyles Court – Frederic and Elizabeth Fane – and members of the household above and below stairs mingled in the library. A brass band played carols in the entrance hall while ‘maids’ and ‘servants’ handed round drinks and refreshments produced by the students themselves, following Victorian recipes. The lemonade, made by Finlay and Kaden, was especially well received. Meanwhile the ‘governess’ and her team of helpers – provided activities for the younger guests.

The buffet was followed by a delightful and very varied mini-concert. In keeping with Victorian tradition, the entertainment was home-grown. Musical items included piano solos by Billy, Olivia and Noah, flute Solos by Hannah and Jago, guitar pieces performed by Billy, Ellis and Lucas, a recorder solo by Leila and a soprano solo by Penny.  Billy demonstrated his virtuosity further by singing a sea shanty while accompanying himself on the guitar and mouth organ!  Other items included an amusing recitation of Lewis Carroll’s poem ‘You are Old, Father William’, by Ben and Marcus, and an amazing display of tap dancing by Amber in her role as Chimney Sweep.

As well as a huge thank you to all the students and staff who took part, special thanks must go to Mrs. Corlett for her wonderful help and support with the musical items, to Mrs. Ansell for providing many of the costumes, and to Roy, Debbie, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Stokes-Curchin who worked behind the scenes to assist with food preparation and clearing-up.  Finally, another big thank you must go to parents, grandparents and friends for supporting this event, encouraging their children, and helping to make our Victorian Family Christmas such an enjoyable occasion.