Meet the latest additions to our Moyles Court family!

Meet Juno, Cybele and Darcy!

Mallards Wood Juno, Mallards Wood Cybele and Crabbswood Miss Darcy

Moyles Court School has decided to exercise its’ commoning rights of pasture.  We will eventually have a small herd of our own New Forest ponies roaming the Forest around the School.  Pupils can be involved in following the progress of the foals and learn first-hand how the Forest works and the responsibilities of commoning.

Commoning contributes significantly to the maintenance of the New Forest’s ecology and landscape.  Generally, ponies on the forest are classed as semi-feral, being neither wild nor tame, some are handled others are almost entirely not.  Caution should always be exercised around any pony on the Forest and Moyles Court ponies should be treated as any other pony on the Forest,

We can enjoy watching them develop as a small herd.

Foals are usually taken off the forest early Autumn and spend their first winter off the Forest as Juno, Cybel and Darcy will.  The foals will then be ‘turned out’ on the forest during early Spring.  Yearlings usually spend their second winter off the Forest, but then are usually hardy enough to spend all year round on the Forest.


Juno is a 4-year-old mare who is in foal, and will be due next Spring!  Juno came from agister Robert Maton, along with her half-sister Cybel, the bay foal.  The grey foal is from head agister Jonathan Garrelli both have been supportive of our venture.

Juno will remain off the forest to have her foal, this will be our first Moyles Court born foal and will then join Cybel and Darcy the following Spring, 2020 on the Forest.

The foals have been in their winter home in Lymington for a month now, and have settled into life off the Forest for the winter.  They have been wormed, and are becoming tame enough to handle in small measures.  It is a fine balance to handle them sufficiently so to be safe for moving them around, but not making them too tame, they will not settle back into Forest life.

We will regularly update you all with how they are progressing, and hope for you to meet them in the Spring before they are released onto the Forest.

Equestrian Training & Competing with Moyles Court

For those equestrian pupils amongst you, we are pleased to finally be able to offer a provision for those pupils with their own pony or horse to train as small groups with the aim to compete as individuals or as teams for Moyles Court.

Newlands Farm across the road from Moyles Court School, along with trainer Roland Bellido, who is a proficient coach in all disciplines can be made available for our pupils during half term and main holidays.  Costs will be dependent on group size.

Pupils of similar ability can train together to work towards competing as a team for local and national events, NSEA (National Schools Equestrian Association) and BS (British Show jumping Just for Schools).

We have Moyles Court numnahs available to loan, for anyone wishing to represent the school at any of these competitions either as a team or as an individual.  We have a range of sizes, small pony, pony, cob and horse.

Training session cost will be dependent of group size and training, but for those interested please contact Jo Broadway directly on  We will aim to arrange our first sessions during the Christmas break.

Dates of upcoming competitions to follow, but you can visit or for a list of events and competitions.

These are often a fabulous way for young riders to have a unique opportunity to compete in some of the top venues in the UK, should they qualify.