IGCSE History students’ memorable trip to Berlin

During the Moyles Court Christmas holiday break, 16 students and three teachers set off to travel to Berlin to enhance the ‘Cold War’ topic they are studying for IGCSE History.

Over the three day trip the students toured Berlin and experienced the history of Berlin. They visited the Bundestag, the Soviet War Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate and the very moving Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. They also went to Checkpoint Charlie Museum which records some of the intriguing personal stories of those who tried to escape from East to West Berlin during the Communist era.

Moyles Court Pupils at the Berlin Wall

Further visits to the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre and a preserved section of the Berlin wall gave the students a fascinating overview of the formidable border systems and methods used to prevent Berliners from crossing from East to West.  This was followed by a tour of civil defence shelters and a nuclear bunker deep underground in the heart of the city. We then paid a very memorable and harrowing visit to the Stasi Prison. Here they saw the padded cells used for solitary confinement and torture, and learnt about the methods and purpose of interrogation.

Mrs Butterfield, Head of History comments: “It was a memorable and emotional visit for us all and it was a great relief to return to the present day and realise that for the majority of Berliners, the systematic use of terror is a thing of the past.”

Richard Milner-Smith, Headmaster adds: “This was a wonderful opportunity for our pupils and being able to visit such a fabulous city and experience the very places they have been studying has helped to reinforce their learning considerably. Not only that but being able to understand and empathise what happened in that city during this period has helped them grow enormously as individuals.”