Let it snow!

As I write these words, there is just one thing and one thing only on our school curriculum: snow. Sat within the beautiful New Forest National Park, our school has a stunning setting on a ‘normal’ day, but with a coating of snow, it is transformed into something even more magical. For our pupils, this morning has become one of those days that they will remember for a very long time. They are outside, in the snow, having fun, building memories and friendships (as well as snowmen and snow dogs). It’s not just the stunning environment that I love about Moyles Court, it’s also that recognition of what is really important for our children. Many schools are closed today, or if they are open, they are not letting the children outside in the snow for fear of injury or missing valuable ‘curriculum time’.

As adults, we know that moments like this are extremely rare and should be enjoyed whilst you can. Life is beautiful and surely, we all want a childhood for our children that is full of fun, laughter and magical experiences. Experiences that boost their sense of well-being, experiences that strengthen the bonds of friendship and experiences that will be talked about with great excitement around the dinner table this evening and for many years to come. Here’s to schools like ours that have a flexible approach to education and one that allows children to be children and moments like these to be enjoyed.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and enjoy your ‘snow chat’ this evening!