Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

This time last week it was snowing (and we were having a lot of fun), a week on and it is wet,
windy and, if I’m honest, pretty unpleasant out there. However, our week has been so full of
interest and activity that the weather could do what it likes quite frankly, because I don’t think
anyone has taken any notice whatsoever. We have been too busy immersing ourselves in
Careers Week for one and I am enormously grateful to all those parents and friends of
Moyles Court who gave up their time to come and talk to our children about their careers and
lessons in life. It has been nothing other than completely inspiring.

Rather frighteningly for our young people, the World Economic Forum suggests that by the
time our pupils are old enough to be working, they will be doing jobs that do not even exist at
this moment in time. Not only that, they also suggest that by 2025 we will have, on average,
8.2 jobs during our working life, compared to 3.4 in 2000 and 1.4 in 1975. How on earth do
you prepare young people for such a world? At Moyles Court we believe the answer lies in
developing the ‘person’, encouraging those individual skills that will make them shine in any
area or place of work. As Mr. Padfield highlighted to our pupils on Monday, despite the
astonishing growth of technology, our ever-changing world of work will still demand ‘people
skills’ such as: critical thinking; persuasion; negotiation; versatility; leadership and emotional
intelligence. How lucky we are to be in an environment that values those skills as much as
academic qualifications.

Our breadth of extra-curricular activity is just one of many factors that help develop such
skills in our young people. I watched in awe as our cross-country runners battled around a
fantastically muddy course on Wednesday, showing a determination and a resilience that
belies belief. More of this later, but what a performance by them and my huge
congratulations to every single one of the runners. Particular congratulations to the Senior
Boys Team that ran away (excuse the pun) with the overall team trophy.

Finally, just when you thought you’d seen it all in one wonderful week, we were treated to
two stunning assemblies led by Mrs. Ruth Butcher and her LAMDA pupils. The confidence
with which these pupils delivered their poems (all learnt by heart – what a skill that is) was
simply brilliant and I couldn’t be prouder of these fabulous young people.
What a week it has been. Beauty and the Beast next week. I can’t wait!