Let me share with you my school day – I’m Amber and a day pupil in Year 10.  It starts from when I get picked up by one of the school mini buses. The mini bus service ensures that those of us who use them get to school safely and on time. The buses pick us up from outside our homes or very close to our homes.  On my bus we have a range of school years from Year 3 to Year 11. We all look out of each other both on the bus but also at school. Our bus driver is fantastic, and he always makes sure that we have no problems and even joins in with us with our treats on ‘Fat Friday’ – a bus number 5 special!

Once we get to school its off to registration, this is a chance for us to get together as a year group and have a catch up and get any notices from teachers.

Lesson 1 starts at 9am for 55 minutes and then it’s off to second lesson. If we are lucky we are in classrooms next to each other.  If they’re not, we may be lucky to see a new forest pony trying to break in to the school grounds!  Break follows for 20 minutes this is a chance to catch up with friends from other year groups or sometimes the footballs come out for a quick kick about.

Lessons 3 and 4 follows up to 1pm when its Senior lunch, the Junior school have been in before us at Midday. Lunch is always varied and there is normally something for everyone. During the Summer, we go onto the field once we have eaten which is great in the winter we are on the all-weather pitch unless of course it is raining.  There is a great choice of clubs, which happen at lunchtime or after school, such as Maths club and History club, which are great fun. All too soon lunch finishes and off we head to lessons 5 and 6. The school day ends at 4pm when we go back to our form rooms to de- register and then for me its back home on the bus.

We are very lucky that the school is in such amazing grounds, for some of our lessons we are able to go out and use them such as in Art using our photography skills for projects.  In Geography we are able to walk short distances to be able to gain hands on experiences linked to topics and whole school activities such as “Fair Trade” awareness. I am now involved in raising money for an expedition to Borneo in 2019, which will be challenging and exciting – I can’t wait!

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