Parents of pre-school children

The Big Debate

The Big Debate article

There is nothing as powerful or inspiring as seeing a good debater at work. While the jeering, fractious examples in Parliament are not leading light examples, nothing seems to be deterring the popularity of debating in schools, which has become a highly competitive forum for young intelligent minds.

Read our thoughts on debating in the adjacent pdf.  Further links of interest are below: Described as an Aladdin’s Cave for modern parents of primary school age children, this website site has an interesting piece on debating.
BBC Bitesize The Debating page is interactive and designed for the younger child. It’s a nice introduction to the topic
Independent News for International Students While the links provided are predominantly from UK websites, this Canadian link contains some great quotes and a useful 12 benefits as a summary.
The Week Junior Most children absolutely love this paper. Each week there is a debate to read and then a vote. This links through to the poll; a subscription is required.

The Benefits of a School Pre-School

As working parents, you’re faced with a dilemma when you return to work or increase from part-time to full-time work as your baby fast approaches two or three years old. Do you make the best of state pre-school provision which offers just a few hours per day, combining it with hiring a child carer or obliging grandparent? Is a nanny more cost-effective, particularly if there is more than one child? Or do you pay for a private day nursery which takes children from newborn to the school age of 5?

Read some benefits you may not have fully considered about a dedicated Pre-School within a school taking children up to 16.  The short article is in the adjacent pdf.