Moyles Court School offers a range of scholarships for candidates demonstrating potential, talent and who would flourish and benefit from the ethos and life at the school. These awards are available for Year 3 to Year 10.  Scholarship candidates are assessed for their suitability for an award.

All scholarship holders are expected, as a condition of their award, to show commitment and good behaviour in school.

Academic Awards Candidates sit examinations during two scholarship days. For Junior School applicants the examinations are in reading, writing and mathematics.  For Senior School applicants the examinations are in mathematics, English and science.  Candidates will also spend time in lessons with the appropriate year group during these two days.

Creative Awards Candidates are invited to present a portfolio of their artistic endeavours. This may include visual art, creative writing or poetry. Or Candidates are invited to present a singing, musical, dance or dramatic performance. Certificates of musical grades already gained may be presented as evidence to support an application.

Sporting Awards Candidates are invited to nominate the sport of their choice and present evidence of their achievements therein. This may be in the form of testimonials from current schools or a sports club. Candidates may be asked to demonstrate their sporting skill or potential during a scholarship day.

All candidates will also be required to sit examinations in mathematics and English during the two days.

Levels of Award

Junior Scholarships (Y3 to Y6)

These range from 5% to 25% per academic term. Junior Scholarships may be awarded from Years 3 to 6 and be retained until the end of Year 6. Pupils may then apply for Senior Scholarships.

Senior Scholarships (Y7 to Y9)

These range from 5% to 25% per academic term in Years 7 to 9.

Academic Scholarships for entry in Year 9 September 2018

Please download Y9 Scholarship Information Leaflet for further information

GCSE Scholarships (Y10 to Y11)

These range from 5% to 25% per academic term.

Sport/Music/Art Scholarships (Y3 to Y11)

The maximum award for these scholarships will be 15%.

How to Apply

Please download and complete the Scholarship new application form 2018-19, making clear the type of award you wish to apply for.  Once we have received the completed form the school will contact you about the next step.