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School begins each day at 0840. Lessons end 1600. Clubs and Activities to 1715
Telephones: Ringwood (01425) 472856 – Office Hours ( Mon – Fri 0830 – 1700)
Ringwood (01425) 473197 – Housemother (Emergencies only)
Ringwood (01425) 472732 – Boys’ Boarding House 07840084596 (mobile)
Ringwood (01425) 474853 – Girls’ Boarding House 07849687884 (mobile)
Ringwood (01425) 485554 – Nursery direct telephone number
Fax: Ringwood (01425) 474715
Girls Housemother e-mail:
Boys Housemother e-mail:
At half terms and out weekends boarders may leave at 1600 on Friday and should return between 1800 and 2000 on Sunday evening, or by 0840 Monday morning.
It is important to note the following
1. Staff will not be on duty until 1800 on the Sunday
2. Meals will not be provided for the Sunday evening at the start of term, half terms and after out weekends. Parents should ensure that their children have eaten. Pupils who have not been able to eat before returning may be allowed to “order out” providing they are early enough, i.e. before 2000. This will charged on the school bill.

email Moyles Court

email girls House Mother

email boys House Mother