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New GCSE Ability Streaming

Increased intake with new Academic Streaming starting in Year 10, 2013

New 14+ Scholarships Available for September 2013 Entry

Average Class Size 15 pupils

37% of all grades A - A* in 2012

“The school provides well for more able, gifted and talented pupils...” Inspection report, November 2012

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I have proposed - and the Governors have approved - that Moyles Court School should prepare for the introduction of University of Cambridge International GCSEs (IGCSEs) to start for Year 10 students (current Y.8 pupils) in September 2014. Education minister Michael Gove has already announced that the current GCSE system will be scrapped – or more recently described “reformed” . Having worked with IGCSE’s at an International School in Brussels, establishing it as an international examinations centre for the University of Cambridge IGCSEs, I greatly prefer and trust this choice for Moyles Court pupils, rather than adopt the unclear plans of the government. Cambridge IGCSEs are tried, tested and respected qualifications run by the University of Cambridge. The government plans are as yet still largely unknown, unformed and - no-doubt – subject to tinkering and much change for years to come. I seek to offer the best and most stable option for Moyles Court pupils. At a time of unprecedented uncertainty in 14+ education, these adjustments at Moyles Court aim to acheive the following:

i) Further improve the focus on each pupil’s individual needs and attainment, through streaming.

ii) Provide every student with a suite of reliable and respected qualifications, relevant and trusted in the UK, and internationally, by colleges, universities and employers.

iii) Affirm continuity, reliability and peace of mind.

Greg Meakin BSc, PGCE, MA


For further information regarding the government plans and University of Cambridge IGCEs, find out more via these links:

IGCSE Fact Sheet







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