History comes alive at Moyles Court

The clock was turned back at Moyles Court School just before half term as staff, students and guests gathered for an evening of music and recitations from the Victorian period. Mr Milner-Smith, resplendent in cap and gown, was a suitably attired Headmaster, and the colourful and imaginative costumes worn by those attending conveyed just the right atmosphere. A former pupil kindly agreed to take portrait photographs of the guests.

Mr Milner-Smith Victorian Headmaster

A beautifully-presented finger buffet was prepared and served by the GCSE Catering and Hospitality group before the evening’s entertainment began. Singing, dancing, piano solos, a recitation, and a dramatised reading – the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland – all went to make up a truly authentic Victorian ‘parlour evening’.

Mrs Butterfield, Head of History comments: “We would like to thank all those who took part and made this event so enjoyable.  When history comes to life for our pupils, it makes all the difference to their learning experience and to have so much fun along the way is just magical.”​

Victorian eve 1

Victorian Eve 2

Victorian Eve 3

U13’s 7-a-side Rugby Tournament at Durlston Court School – 25th February

Match Report

Our first game was against the host’s Durlston Court.  Although we had periods in the game where we had opportunities to score, we only managed to get over the try line once and in the end we were beaten 17 – 5.  In our second game against Sunninghill, we again had periods of good possession but silly mistakes allowed the opposition to win this game 21-14. Our third game was against Salisbury Cathedral and in this game we played our best rugby to come out victors by 17 -7. Our final game was against Bournemouth Collegiate who beat us convincingly 27-7. Although finishing 4th out of 5, we were competitive in all but the last game.

A special mention should go to Josh for scoring some excellent tries and making numerous tackles, Ramon for winning most of the lineouts, Aidan for his great ball handling skills, Toby for his darting runs with the ball in his hands and finally Harry for his accurate kicking of conversions.

Man-of-the-Match:  Josh

Y4 Tag Rugby Match vs Durlston Court School – 25th February

Match Report

This was a really exciting game with the score staying within one try of each team until almost the end of the game. Both teams passed the ball around well, always supporting the ball carrier and almost everybody in our team scored a try. In the end though, the game was decided by just two ball handling errors from Moyles Court, which gave turnover ball to Durlston Court who subsequently won by 11 tries to 9.

Man-of-the-Match: Edward

Y6/5 Rugby Match vs Leehurst Swan – 11th February, 2015

Match Report

This was the best performance that our Y6/5 team has produced so far this season, with some really good passing and some great tackling. The game started well with a really excellent try scored by Joe that passed through most members of the team. LHS though came back immediately with a well taken try of their own. However from the restart, Josh caught the ball and ran the length of the pitch to score under the posts. LHS immediately brought on 3 replacements that strengthened their team and they subsequently scored 3 more tries. Moyles Court were undeterred and still continued to play some exciting rugby. There was some great tackling from Edward who also pulled another try back for us. Harry followed this try up with a run from deep inside his own half to score a try of his own which levelled the score. Unfortunately LHS scored a late try to win the game by 5 – 4.

This was a really good game. All the team played well, but a special mention should go to Alex for his excellent running with the ball, Jimmy who played so well in only his second game, Alfie for some great tackling despite a sore arm, Callum and Joe who passed and ran well and finally to Harry, Josh, Edward and Henry for their non- stop tackling and running with the ball.

Men-of-the-Match: The whole team

Under 11 Netball vs Sopley School – 11th February


The Sopley team were taller and included 2 boys who were very quick and read the game well – intercepting lots of our passes.  At half time, neither team had been shooting well so the score was 3-0 to Moyles Court.

Realising the need to adapt our play, Moyles Court began to sharpen up the passes to be quicker to avoid the boy’s interceptions. Also our shooting improved so the final score was 9 – 1 to Moyles Court. The girls played well as a team even showing some good tactics that they had been practising in training.


The 2nd game was a mix of Sopley and Moyles Court on each side. This resulted in a very friendly game where the two schools mixed well together calling each other by name as they gelled in their teams.  A good experience for all.

Final Score         

A-Team:  Moyles Court – 9    Sopley -1

B-Team:  Red – 3  Black – 7

Players of the Match:  A-Team  –  Star and Lola               B-Team  –  Chloe

Y4 7 a-side Rugby Tournament at Bournemouth Collegiate – 10th February

Match Report

At the group stage all teams played off against each other. Moyles Court took a while to get going, but as the games progressed we started to pass better, support the ball carrier more, work better as a team and most importantly, tackle better. Although the results in the first 6 games were not favourable towards us, we did score some excellent tries from Jack, Harrison and the impressive Oliver. However, we were able to win our final group stage game that took us through to the semi-final of the Plate completion against BCS. With our best rugby so far, we were able to win this game by 4-2, with 2 further tries apiece for Oliver and Edward.

In the Plate final we played Durlston Court who had previously beaten us comfortably in the first group stage match. However, in the final we played our best rugby of the tournament, but ended up losing by just one try with a final score of 4-3 in favour of Durlston Court. In fact, just as the whistle went, we went over the try line but unfortunately the whistle had already gone.

Stand out player of the tournament for Moyles Court was Oliver, who scored the most tries in the afternoon and made the most tackles, but credit should also go to Jack who carried the ball well, made a number of crucial tackles and scored some good tries of his own and finally to Edward who improved as the tournament went on.

Man-of-the-Match: Oliver

Under 11 Netball vs Buckholme Towers – 4th February

Match Report

Both teams started slowly on such a very cold day but after the first 15 minutes they began to settle. Buckholme Towers scored the first few goals to secure a lead of 3-0 at half time.

Moyles Court struggled to score which left them trailing and adding to this our key defence player was absent from school. Unfortunately, the opposition were taller which we did not take into consideration hence we often threw the ball to them!

With some very accurate shooting by Buckholme in the last few minutes, we certainly could not catch their commanding lead despite a good effort at the end.

Final Score:  Moyles Court -1  Buckholme Towers -10

Players of the Match: Lola, Lea and Farah

Y6/5 Tag Rugby Match vs Buckholme Towers – 4th February

Match Report

It was clear from the beginning that Moyles Court had the upper hand with their rugby skills. We had much of the possession throughout the game and we were able to ensure that all players were able to share possession and contribute positively to a fine winning performance. Edward topped scored with 3 tries, Alex scored 2 and Henry, Hayden, Callum and Jimmy all scored one a piece, although Harry and Henry could easily of added several further tries but for the sympathetic refereeing of Mr Penrose, who was trying to keep the game evenly contested.

Buckholme Towers had moments of their own when in possession, improving their passing as the game went on and scoring four tries of their own. Again this game was played with great sportsmanship and a special mention should go to Jimmy who in his first ever rugby match, produced a man-of-the match performance.

Man-of-the-Match: Jimmy


U11 Netball vs BCS – 28th January

The girls started strong and our passing was accurate, with the girls moving into good spaces.  BCS were soon 1-0 up but we responded with a return goal by Lola to even things up and although the score at the end of the first ¼ was 2-1 to BCS, we were playing well.

BCS were able to step up their game after a short break and were able to get away from our players to make great passes.  We had several shots at goal but just couldn’t seem to find the net.  We finished at half time 6-1 down.

The girls battled hard in the second half and the teams were fairly evenly matched, although our girls struggled to keep up with the pace BCS were setting.   Although Farah was able to score again, our shooting opportunities were not converted into the goals we needed to stay in the game.

Score:  Moyles Court- 2  BCS – 11

Player of the match: Tatum

Under 14/13 Netball vs Ballard and Forres Sandle Manor – 28th January

Match Report

In the first match against Ballard, both teams started slowly and the score at half time was 2 all.  Although Moyles Court were not shooting well, their play on court made up for this, especially in defence, and the final score was 6 – 2 to Moyles Court.

In the second match against Forres Sandle Manor, Moyles Court had command of play from the start. Shooting practice between matches paid off and by half time we had a 4-0 lead.   The final score was 8 – 0 to Moyles Court proving that over the last 3 weeks the girls have learnt from their mistakes and gained in both control and confidence. Well done!

Final Score :  Moyles Court – 6  Ballard – 2          Moyles Court – 8  Forres Sandle Manor – 0

Players of the Match:  Sandra and Jade