Termly Fees

2017/2018 FEES

Fees with effect from 1st September 2017:

Nursery £5.50 per hour
Up to 15 hours per week free (Pathfinder EYE scheme)
Reception 2,050
Year 1 2,337
Year 2 2,337
Year 3 3,245
Year 4 3,245
Year 5 3,740
Year 6 3,740
Junior Boarding (Y3-Y6) 6,741
Senior School  
Year 7 4,067
Year 8 4,301
Year 9 4,301
Year 10 4,766
Year 11 4,766
Senior Boarding (Y7-Y11) 8,505

Pre-School information Sheet 2017 – 2018


A sibling discount of 10% of basic tuition fees is allocated for the second and subsequent children in a family.  This applies from Reception Class to Year 11.  Please note that this will only be allocated where no other discount has been awarded.


Discount is given to all families from HM Forces to ensure the school fees remain fixed at CEA +10%.  This currently equates to 12%.


Junior Boarding (Y3-Y6) – £6,741 (includes Tuition and Supervised Boarding)

Senior Boarding (Y7-Y11) – £8,505 (includes Tuition and Supervised Boarding)


Weekly boarding is available from Sunday evening to Friday evening at a cost of
Junior    £5,729
Senior    £7,232


Occasional boarding is available and offers pupils the opportunity to join the Boarding House for individual nights or weeks throughout the term.
Monday – Thursday    £40 per night
Friday – Sunday           £60 per night


A wide range of after school care & activities are available each day. These incur various charges depending on the resources used.

Care is available from 7.30 am – 6.00 pm, Monday – Friday with breakfast and dinner options.

Breakfast Club                                                  7.30 am – 8.30 am               £6.50 including breakfast
After School care (Reception & Year 1)   4.00 pm – 5.00 pm               £5.00

After school care (Reception & Year 1)    5.00 pm – 6.00 pm              £6.50 including dinner

Prep Club (Year 2 to Year 11)                        4.00 pm – 5.00 pm              £5.00

Prep Club (Year 2 to Year 11)                       5.00pm – 6.00 pm               £6.50 including dinner


General learning support and individual attention occurs within the class at no extra fee.  Additional sessions with dedicated Learning Support specialists are available at the following rates:

TIER 1     £750 per term (2 x 55 minute small group lessons per week)       

TIER 2     £1500 per term (4 x 55 minute small group lessons per week)    

Please enquire for further details.           


English as a second language is provided for international students who need to continue with language development lessons.  Specialist teachers are required and since this is not part of the standard British Curriculum, then additional charges will apply. 


We have a full complement of peripatetic teachers who teach a broad range of instruments at the school at an additional cost.  Please contact the school directly for further information.


We offer extensive transport via a number of different routes and will cater for all reasonable journeys. The transport is heavily subsidised by the school but use of the facility will incur the following charges:
Bus charge of £315 per term both ways
Bus charge of £215 per term one way

(with a 10% discount for 2nd child and 20% for a third child)


A minimal fee is charged per pupil, per term in respect of personal accident insurance.  This is currently £5.50.

For further details on the personal accident insurance scheme – please download PUPILS 600K PA Keyfacts ID109 2017


To secure a place at Moyles Court, a registration and deposit payment is required.

Annual fees can be paid in full or two 50% payments: Half year fee by August 1st 2017.  Balance of fees by January 30th 2018.

School fees are due no later than the first day of term. Fees can be paid online using the following details:

Account name:         Moyles Court School Ltd       BANK: Bank of Scotland
Sort code:                  12-23-11                                        IBAN: GB78 BOFS 1223 1110 0136 68
Account number:    10013668                                      SWIFTBIC: BOFSGB21BWS
Ref:                                Pupil’s name       

A charge will normally be made on bank transfers.  Please ensure that any charges due, are paid for at the time of transmission.