Moyles Court Junior School

Moyles Court Junior School provides children with a safe and happy environment for learning. We are a small community aware of the varying needs of each individual child. Junior School classes are small, thereby ensuring a close working relationship between teachers and pupils.

“Good levels of knowledge, understanding and skill are demonstrated by pupils across all ages, abilities, subjects and activities, throughout the school.” Inspection report, November 2012

IMG_4854Moyles Court Junior School is located near Ringwood in Hampshire and our beautiful setting in The New Forest makes break times adventurous and magical. Learning, play and extra curricular activities are encouraged throughout the junior years, as we recognise the important role they all play in a child’s development. We encourage a calm and friendly atmosphere, where children are respected and valued, allowing them to grow into a successful member of society.
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Lessons are delivered to make learning in the Junior School enjoyable and purposeful. All core academic subjects are taught through the National Curriculum, mostly by a form teacher, giving the opportunity for cross-curricular links where appropriate. The Junior School has its own library, specifically geared for the younger reader and access to two ICT rooms. These are inviting places for motivating reading and research skills.

Junior School pupils also have use superb sports facilities. Children are encouraged with dance, music and singing and have the opportunity of small group lessons within their school day, by expert tutors in these fields. An enticing selection of after school clubs and homework facility provides Junior School children with the opportunity to try out new skills and work alongside other year groups.

New ideas and innovations

IMG_5045We are in the process of implementing the International Primary Curriculum whilst continuing to fulfil all National Curriculum requirements. In an increasingly connected world we believe it is essential to prepare children for life beyond their immediate surroundings and experience. In doing so we aim to help our pupils better appreciate their origins and local community, in a wider context.

Each Junior School class has its own garden plot which they look after, propagate, nurture and harvest . This creates endless opportunities for ‘hands on’ learning styles. Children thoroughly enjoy the rewards which gardening brings. It helps our pupils to see how plants, flowers and vegetables are grown and realise there is more to food than taking it from a supermarket shelf.

Children are taught to become independent and creative thinkers, through an approach called Philosophy for Children (P4C). Cookery with our catering staff is part of the timetable, as is swimming for half a term each year.

The Junior School Council meets several times a term, representing the views of each class, organising fund raising, social events and meeting the Governors each term to report on their progress. Every child has a voice and opportunity to express their ideas.

We are also keen on promoting good health in children and our catering department provides a fresh and varied menu for all children. For example menus please click here.

Moyles Court Junior School is a co-educational school providing day and boarding facilities. To find out more look around our website and make a visit to Moyles Court Junior School. See you soon!