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Terms and conditions of a means-tested bursary award

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The Moyles Court bursary scheme has been inspected and approved by the Charity Commission. Applicants and bursary holders are subject to the following process and rules as part of the bursary scheme.

In order to be considered for a means-tested bursary award, a completed registration and financial disclosure form should be sent to the school along with a cheque for £50. These forms may be obtained by contacting the school office (use the Contact Us link). To be eligible for a means-tested bursary, a candidate must fulfil all entrance criteria via the admissions process: Interview with the Headmaster, taster day and entrance assessments. The Bursar may also make a home visit to any pupil who is being considered for a means-tested bursary.

Parents are expected to accept or reject a bursary within one week of an offer. There is a deposit of £200 required to formally accept the bursary offer and place in school, which is returnable as detailed in the Terms and Conditions. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified and may be invited to take up any vacancies which exist at Moyles Court but they will not, of course, receive any financial help from the School.

It is the intention of the Governors that the bursary holders shall be supported financially throughout their time in the Junior or Senior School. However, the bursary will be reviewed annually in order to ascertain the parents’ continued financial need. Such review may result in an amendment to the bursary provision. The School reserves the right to withdraw bursary awards if the Terms and Conditions are breached. It should be noted that bursary holders are subject to the same rules concerning work and behaviour as all other pupils and can be suspended or excluded if the circumstances demand such action. The School reserves the right to withdraw a bursary if the holder's effort or attitude is poor. This is not subject to appeal.


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