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Policies and Documentation

Aims Statement

The school fully appreciates that what it achieves with children today provides a glimpse of the adults who will shape the world tomorrow. The school educates and develops children through the provision of a stimulating, supportive, secure and caring family-orientated environment, with a wide range of challenging learning activities combined with first-hand experiences. Pupils are given opportunities to master new skills, work effectively - independently and in teams - express their creativity, awareness and powers of imagination. The school is committed to enthusing and encouraging children of a wide range of academic abilities in this context, to maximise their potential in preparation for a challenging and competitive world. The school strives to identify and build on the strengths of each child in order to allow them to flourish. Pupils are supported through this approach to become responsible, socially aware, courteous, presentable, confident and tolerant individuals. The ultimate aim is to develop pupils of the school so they are eventually able to contribute to the good of their communities and the world beyond, enabling them to cast their own unique shadows in the light of their achievements, whilst having wonderful childhood school memories to look back on. Above all we want children to be safe and happy at school as they work towards these aims with a sense of purpose. The school welcomes all faiths and creeds from the perspective of a christian ethos based on human and family values.

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Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies

Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance, April 2014

Curriculum Policy

Policy on Equal Opportunities

Anti-Bullying Policy

Reasonable Adjustments Policy

Exclusion Policy

Admissions Policy

First Aid Policy

Drugs Education and Prevention Policy

Junior and Senior School Behaviour, Discipline, Appearance and Mobile Telephone Policies and Codes

Use of Mobile Phones and Digital Photography Policy

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